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Firms 'fail to capitalise online'

13th January 2006

Despite a bumper year for internet retailers, more than three-quarters of the UK's small businesses are still failing to take advantage of a widening online customer base, new research shows.

A study by BT and the Institute of Directors (IoD) found that just 24 per cent of companies provide a website through which their customers can buy products.

The report shows that the other 76 per cent of small firms failed to claim a portion of the £50bn that was spent via the web in 2005.

Last year saw the online retail market grow in prestige, with sales booming in the run-up to Christmas. As the high streets suffered from a dip in consumer spending in the second half of 2005, e-shop sales never fell below their targets and posted record growth rates.

BT said that small businesses with a transactional website saw their customer base increase by 81 per cent last year, while more than half claimed they reached more international buyers through the internet.

"Many smaller businesses have a website, but haven't seen the potential for making money from it," said Mick Hegarty, general manager of Broadband and VoIP at BT Business.

"They also think making it transactional could be costly or time-consuming, but that's just not the case anymore. There is a wide range of cost-effective options available that fit every budget.

"Moving away from just having an online brochure to selling direct over the internet opens up a great new opportunity to increase sales."

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Internet Advertising to Double in Five Years

December 8. 2005

By 2010, spending on Internet advertising will account for 10 percent of total U.S. ad dollars, according to "The Changing Face of Advertising in the Digital Age" from Parks Associates.

The 10 percent share is double the commitment for online ads in 2004. The increase represents a CAGR (define) of 14 percent each year through 2010.

Roughly 21 percent of Internet users consider Internet advertising to be the most relevant ad format. The segment overtakes traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines, and radio.

Metrics and behavioral targeting make the channel attractive. "Because the Internet is an interactive and versatile platform and offers rich consumer usage data, advertisers can improve their ad targetability and achieve better results," said Parks Associates research analyst Harry Wang.

Due to audience and media fragmentation and a lack of in-depth media consumption data from traditional advertising, large companies and established brands will move dollars from TV and other formats to the Web. Anheuser-Busch, Procter & Gamble, Verizon, and Wachovia have already moved portions of their budgets to online advertising.

"The Internet has altered the standard for the entire ad world, and traditional media have to respond by making their media platforms more interactive and results-oriented," said Wang.

The report was compiled from the findings of an Internet-based survey of 2,084 U.S. consumers in households with Internet access. The sampling group includes 270 teenagers ages 13 to 17. The report contains data from Parks Associates' consumer study "Digital Entertainment: Changing Consumer Habits."

Immediate Future

Callgen first to bring VoIP-response online advertising to the UK

Callgen launches the first VoIP-based, Cost-per-Call advertising application in Europe. Compatible across several VoIP providers, Callgen's Duet Cost-Per-Call advertising service will now include VoIP capabilities. The service enables online advertisers to establish an instant relationship with customers through the click of a link.

"Our new VoIP Duet service enables millions of customers to directly contact advertisers at the click of a banner ad or link," explains James Barrington-Brown, Managing Director at Callgen.

"We are not just offering advertisers a whole new way of interacting with the customer, but are opening new advertising markets for publishers and allowing more businesses to benefit from online advertising".

Fully compatible with Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and other prevalent VoIP service providers, Callgen's VoIP application is a pioneer in the Cost-Per-Call advertising market. The service enables search engines, portals, publishers, agencies and ad networks to offer advertisers a fast and direct response mechanism as an alternative to pay per click advertising.

A customer clicks a link or a banner ad and within seconds a call is made to the advertiser. The caller listens through their speakers and responds through the microphone on their PC. Advertisers can establish an immediate rapport with callers and the more personal nature of a telephone conversation means that leads generated have a higher level of interest, are more committed and consequently are more easily converted into sales.

Barrington-Brown comments: "The VoIP market has enormous potential, as indicated by its accelerating growth and the recent $2.6 billion acquisition of Skype by Ebay. Adding VoIP to online advertising allows advertisers to take advantage of this new and growing communications technology. Moreover, by providing a VoIP contact mechanism in banners, customers can more easily and conveniently speak with vendors".

Advertisers bid and pay the same Cost-Per-Call connection fees, but Callgen expects that cost-savings will be available soon for VoIP-enabled businesses. Publishers and advertising agencies will continue to benefit from the VoIP based service through revenue sharing.

Trials have already demonstrated exceptional voice quality and the Callgen platform is supported by Skycom and an award-winning ISP, Skymarket.

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Callgen and Eyeblaster Announce Partnership

Callgen and Eyeblaster have today announced a partnership to push the development of the emerging Cost-Per-Call market.

Surrey, UK (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) September 29, 2005 -- Callgen and Eyeblaster have today announced a partnership to push the development of the emerging Cost-Per-Call market. Eyeblaster, the provider of unified digital marketing can now serve Callgen adverts across its network of 4000 websites, including search engines like MSN and Yahoo, using its new Agency Campaign Manager (ACM).

Cost-Per-Call is gathering pace quickly, with publisher networks, agencies and advertisers growing together into a new industry. Callgen was first to market in the UK and has a decisive advantage, with a proprietary system and a partnership with a licensed telecommunications provider.

About Callgen
Callgen Ltd is a privately held UK-based company. Callgen represents the convergence of telephony and the Internet, delivering a pioneering performance-based advertising model to UK online advertisers.

The premise of the service is to generate qualified leads through the use of special trackable freephone numbers that are promoted through online advertising. The service is easily embedded in most online and offline advertising formats from banners and buttons to rich media.

About Eyeblaster
Eyeblaster is the global leader in rich media ad technology and a worldwide provider of unified digital marketing solutions. Eyeblaster provides interactive agencies, advertisers and publishers the first single solution to create, deliver and manage all forms of digital advertising through one powerful Web dashboard. The Eyeblaster platform enables clients to deliver communications across multiple digital channels with 100% user control and no reliance on a 'middleman vendor' anywhere in the campaign process. Eyeblaster, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Tokyo, Sao Paolo and Sydney, with product development facilities in Israel.

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Callgen Launches Cost-Per-Call on Google

The advertising industry is bracing itself for a possible sea-change, as UK-based Cost-Per-Call outfit Callgen today announced its first live advert on Google.

Surrey, UK (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) September 12, 2005 -- The advertising industry is bracing itself for a possible sea-change, as UK-based Cost-Per-Call outfit Callgen today announced its first live advert on Google.

Industry analysts The Kelsey Group have estimated that Cost-Per-Call could become a multi-billion dollar field over the next few years, as the lessons learned from the explosively successful Pay-Per-Click industry are applied and refined. Callgen is the first to have live adverts running and expects to be an industry leader as Cost-Per-Call blossoms.

For advertising agencies the benefits are potentially enormous, with a healthy percentage of the revenue from the calls payable to the agency as a commission and the advertisers delighted that at last they can pay for measurable results.

As companies such as Google and Yahoo have built billion dollar concerns from Pay-Per-Click with only 30% of the business community providing the revenue, so Callgen expects to be a major player with similar potential, with virtually 100% of the business community able to participate in online advertising for the first time.

The few weaknesses in Pay-Per-Click such as the imperative need for a website and the potential for click fraud have been swept away by Cost-Per-Call, as internet advertising becomes an asset available to all businesses with a phone. The new model is far more fraud resistant and has the added benefit of only costing the advertiser when they get calls, a revolutionary concept in an industry that traditionally lacks any performance based products.

Callgen is backed by an award-winning ISP and a licensed telecoms provider, both UK-based and supported.

The future looks extremely bright for Callgen as we see the beginning of a new era, with the tried and tested internet advertising game evolving in a way that will surely revolutionise advertising completely.

Callgen brings Cost-per-Call to UK

By Robin Langford
15-04-2005 01:40 PM
Callgen has launched a new “Cost-per-Call” service to the UK online advertising industry, offering an alternative to traditional pay-per-click ads.

The Cost-per-Call service generates qualified leads through online advertising, with the advertiser only paying for the adverts that result in phone calls, in much the same way pay-per-click advertising only charges for visitors sent to a website.

Already up and running in the US market, the Internet ad firm claims it is the first to introduce the new advertising model to the UK market.

The firm said the service will benefit large online brands, who can make more use of their call-centre staff, while small businesses without a website can benefit from online advertising for the first time.

Callgen said a key advantage of the service is that, unlike pay-per-click, the advertiser pays for a motivated customer connection, not just a browsing action.

Targeted at agencies, publishers and advertisers, Callgen said its freephone numbers and tracking systems integrate with most ad formats, from basic text listings, banners and buttons, to rich media campaigns.

In addition, an ad-creation tool is also available to companies wanting to create online Cost-per-Call advertising quickly.

James Barrington-Brown, director at Callgen, said: “Callgen Cost-per-Call is an innovative and effective method of merging the two most prolific and successful sales tools ever, the telephone and the Internet”.

Customers typically call a freephone number and Callgen launches its new performance-based ad model with a fixed cost-per-call for all advertiser accounts. Advertisers only pay at the point of connection - when a customer picks up the phone and calls.

Charlie Dobres, co-founder of digital marketing agency i-level, said: “There will always be situations where it is easier for the consumer to call, and this new advertising model allows brands to offer the consumer the benefit of more personalised contact.”

Callgen said it will primarily work with online advertising agencies to introduce the service to major brands and offline companies. ISP Skymarket and telecommunications company Skycom are supporting Callgen by providing the technology behind the service.

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